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Why Lawyers Title Solutions?

    • Speed

      We specialize in private transactions where speed is necessary. We are the fastest in real estate title. Period.

    • Knowledge

      With years of private equity experience in real estate, we provide guidance and knowledge that is unsurpassed by most title firms.

    • Transparency

      If there is anything clouding title, we will alert you immediately. We believe in lending stakeholders know in advance, rather than last minute.

    • Accuracy

      You can be sure no detail will be missed. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail, and it is part of our core corporate culture.

Steven Zakharyayev – Title Lawyer & Expert

Steven started the company with one ambition in mind: to deliver the best title services in the entire Florida region. He has numerous years of experience as a private equity attorney specializing in title work, and is using this knowledge to deliver on his vision. Steven graduated with a Juris Doctorate from Nova Southeastern University.

  • Title Service Veteran
  • Private Equity Knowledge
  • Real Estate Attorney
  • Private Lending Expert