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Our Services

  • Escrow & Closing

    By working with us, you get the best escrow & closing services in the business. We believe in full transparency, efficiency, and dependability.

  • Title Commitment

    Clear title is important to all parties involved. As a result, we work diligently to find, notify, and cure title issues. We even provide 24-month chain of title, tax certificates, and closing protection letters.


  • Closing Disclosure

    We provide accurate pre-HUDs and CDs prior to closing. We then finalize all the numbers for accurate accounting. You’ll never need to worry about that. We even provide surveys if needed.


  • Legal Documents

    Many lenders and borrowers ask us to draft the legal documents as well – including the note, mortgage, and other important items. We are experts in this.

Our Prices

  • Title Services (Excludes 3rd Party Costs)


  • Legal Documents


We Guarantee

  • Speed

    We specialize in private transactions where speed is necessary. We are the fastest in real estate title. Period.

  • Knowledge

    With years of private equity experience in real estate, we provide guidance and knowledge that is unsurpassed by most title firms.

  • Transparency

    If there is anything clouding title, we will alert you immediately. We believe in lending stakeholders know in advance, rather than last minute.

  • Accuracy

    You can be sure no detail will be missed. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail, and it is part of our core corporate culture.

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